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Making a cycle insurance claim: liability

Although it is not a legal requirement like car insurance, cycle insurance can help you protect your best interests should your bicycle be damaged beyond repair or stolen. It’s a beneficial idea if your bike is high in value or you go cycling frequently for commuting or leisure. Although cycle insurance will protect you in most cases, will you be covered if the accident or theft was your fault?

In this guide, we will discuss whether you can make a cycle insurance claim if you were liable, what public liability means, and when your claim won’t be accepted. We will also highlight how many claims you can make on a cycle insurance policy, and why you should choose cycle insurance with ALA.

Can I claim on my cycle insurance if I am at fault?

No matter whether your bike was at your insured location or wasn’t at the time it was damaged or stolen, you will be covered by your cycle insurance policy. However, there are certain requirements you need to meet to make sure you’re covered. For your claim to be successful, you must be able to provide proof of purchase and the bike’s frame number.

If you damaged your bike during a professional race or it was being used for business purposes, you will not be covered by ALA cycle insurance. If you left your bike unattended in a public space, such as at a bus station or a train station, you need to make sure that your use an approved lock. Here at ALA,
we suggest acquiring an approved lock from Sold Secure; if your bike is damaged or stolen and you don’t have an approved lock, your cycle insurance will be void.

If your bike was damaged or stolen at your insured location, it must be kept in a secure location, and any security devices such as CCTV cameras must be turned on. If your bicycle is attached to a vehicle and it is damaged, it must have been secured. If you are storing your bike within a vehicle, it must be kept completely out of sight, and it must be secured through the frame using an approved lock. Failure to adhere to any of these requirements could result in your cycle insurance provider not paying out, or they could refuse to provide you with a replacement cycle.

To find out more about what is and isn’t covered in your cycle insurance policy,
you can read through our full cycle insurance document here.

What is public liability cover?

Although cycle insurance will cover you in some instances where you are liable for the accidental damage during a cycling accident, it won’t be automatically able to assist if you injure another person or damage their property. In order to protect yourself in these circumstances, you must choose public liability insurance.

As well as helping you repair or replace your bicycle, adding public liability to your cycle insurance policy will help cover the cost of any damage to another person or their property. These costs also include any necessary defence or legal costs that you will need. However, this policy is for damage to others, not yourself. If you damage your own property, you will not be protected by public liability insurance. If you injure yourself, optional personal accident cover can help you out.

If you cause damage to your employee’s or family member’s property, or you injure them, public liability will not cover you. If you would like to discuss your cycle insurance policy in more detail,

When will my cycle insurance provider not accept my claim?

Like most insurance policies and claims, there will be instances where your cycle insurance provider won’t pay out. You will not be eligible for a cycle insurance policy if you are not a UK, Isle of Man or Channel Island resident, or your bicycle exceeds £6000 in value. You must be able to provide a frame number for your bicycle, and the bike must be in good working order at the time that the policy is taken out.

You must also have proof of purchase for the bike, such as a receipt or gift certificate. Your cycle insurance provider will also not be able to pay out if you do not follow your policy requirements. You should also make sure that you have acquired an approved lock.

To find out more about cycle insurance restrictions,
you can visit our FAQ page here.

How many claims can I make on my cycle insurance policy?

Like multi-car insurance coverage, you can add more than one bicycle to your cycle insurance policy. You can also choose a different excess for each bike, as well as optional extras such as personal accident insurance and public liability, tailored to suit you. It is important to be aware that adding different extras and excess options can alter the price of your policy, as can the value of each bicycle.

If your policy only consists of one bicycle, you can only make one claim on your policy if the bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Once you get a new bike, you will have to create a brand-new policy. However, if you have multiple bikes on one policy, the bikes that are not damaged or stolen will still be protected on that policy. If one bike on the policy is damaged or stolen, you can get in touch to add your new bike onto the existing policy. However, there may be a premium to pay to add the new bike.

You can get started creating your policy here.

Cycle insurance cover with ALA

Our cycle insurance policies here at ALA are competitively priced, with various optional extras available to help you craft a quote that suits you perfectly. If you need assistance, our team are always on hand to talk you through your policy and iron out any issues that you may have. If you cycle professionally or regularly commute, it is important that you protect yourself from damage or bicycle theft.

To find out more, or to retrieve a quote,
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