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Cycle insurance restrictions and exclusions: conditions

If you have just brought a brand-new bike, you may be considering cycle insurance to help protect your investment should your bike be damaged beyond repair or stolen. Even if you have had your bike for some time, you can still acquire cycle insurance, but there are a few elements to consider before you can qualify, including the condition of the bike.

In this guide, we will explore the condition your bike needs to be in in order to make a successful claim, whether or not you can claim if your bike is slightly damaged, and some other examples of cycle insurance restrictions. We will also look at the various benefits of cycle insurance, and why you should choose ALA for your cycle insurance policy.

What condition does my bike need to be in to claim on my cycle insurance?

Before you choose to buy a cycle insurance policy, you should check that your bike is in good working condition. in the event of a claim, if it is thought that the bike may have had pre-existing damage then the claim will be rejected. For instance, if the damage already sustained to the bike makes it more at risk of being damaged beyond repair, then your request for insurance may not be processed.

If you have a cycle insurance policy and the condition of your bike is deteriorating gradually due to wear and tear, you will not be able to claim for the total loss or repairs of your bike. You will also be unable to claim for mechanical or manufacturer faults, so it is important to thoroughly check the condition of your bike before you apply for a cycle insurance policy.

If damage, theft or loss occurred before your policy was taken out, then you will not be able to process a claim, and you will receive no premium refund.

Can I claim on my cycle insurance if my bike is slightly damaged?

If your cycle was damaged after you bought your policy, you can make a claim if it was damaged beyond repair, or if it is able to be repaired, but only if it costs more than your agreed excess. Your cycle insurance policy will then pay for repairs or help you replace the bike on a new for old policy if the bike is less than three years old, or on a like for like policy if the bike is older.

If your bike becomes damaged, but repairs will cost you less than your excess, then your cycle insurance policy won’t pay out, unless you choose additional cover. You can also protect your accessories with optional coverage, so your policy will pay out if you damage your accessories or they are stolen. You can find out more about our cycle insurance policies and additional extras here.

What are some other common examples of cycle insurance restrictions?

As well as ensuring that your bike is in good working order before you buy a cycle insurance policy, there are other restrictions to be aware of to ensure that you are not disappointed. You must be a permanent resident of the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Your bike should not exceed £6,000 in value, and you must be able to provide a frame number and proof of purchase from a cycle retailer, such as a receipt.

Once the policy has begun, if the bike is damaged due to a manufacturer fault that is still protected in your manufacturer’s warranty, or it is damaged due to an electrical and mechanical fault, then you will not be able to claim. You must also ensure that you follow the policy security requirements, which you can find out more about here.

If you would like to discuss your cycle insurance policy in further detail, you can get in touch with us here.

Is it worth insuring my bike?

Cycle insurance is a great option if you wish to protect your investment no matter whether your bike is stolen or damaged. If your bike is high in value (but doesn’t exceed £6000), cycle insurance is a great way to ensure that you don’t lose out on the money you invested into your bike, replacing your bike in a new for old or like for like manner.

If you’re a keen cyclist, whether that’s for commuting, leisure or both, you will be at more risk of encountering scenarios that could lead to the theft or irreparable damage of your bike. Accidents can happen, so it’s reassuring to know that you have protection should the worst happen. Cycle insurance can give you peace of mind whilst you’re out and about on your bike, and you can opt for extras such as legal expenses.

Cycle insurance with ALA

Our cycle insurance policies here at ALA come with bicycle theft, accidental and malicious damage and worldwide cover as standard, protecting you and your bike no matter where you are in the world. We will insure bikes worth up to £6000, with the option to choose different excess amounts to suit your budget and preferences. We can also offer cycle cover if you have an electric bike, mountain bike or BMX. You can start building your cycle insurance quote using our no-obligation quote builder here.

Common queries

Can I get cycle insurance on a second-hand bike?

As long as your policy requirements are met, your bike is not over £6000 in value and it is not damaged before you start your policy, then you can take out a cycle insurance policy on a second-hand bike. You should, however, ensure that you have proof of purchase from a cycle retailer before making a claim

Will my bike be covered by my home contents insurance?

If your bike was in your home at the time of the theft or deliberate/accidental damage, then your bike may be covered in your home insurance, to an extent. However, you may not receive enough of a pay-out to cover the value of your bike. With cycle insurance, you can guarantee that the full value of your bike will be covered, so it’s better to have coverage alongside your home insurance.

19 July 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

|  5 Minutes

This article was written by one of our insurance experts.

Katie Rollin