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Chevrolet Extended Warranty by RAC


At RAC, we offer a Chevrolet extended warranty, so that you can drive with confidence knowing that your car is protected.

Boasting style, elegance and power, Chevrolets are a class act when it comes to cars. As such, most people are keen to keep their car in top condition. That’s why our Chevrolet warranty extension by RAC is a great way to ensure that your car remains roadworthy if it suffers from many electrical or mechanical faults. If the original warranty has run out when this happens, it could prove to be a costly repair job. Even those who keep their car in great condition could still suffer a fault, so having an RAC Chevrolet used car warranty can go a long way to protecting your car.

Cover can be taken out for second hand cars, which will be older and possibly more susceptible to faults. An RAC extended used car warranty can cover possible costs associated with repairs and electrical or mechanical faults, as well as potential costs related to onward travel, overnight hotel stay if you’re stranded and recovery.

Our Chevrolet extended warranty by RAC is extensive and can provide you with the peace of mind you need when taking your car out on the road.

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You can choose between the different levels of cover below:

PLEASE NOTE: Those components covered are insured against Mechanical Breakdown only. The replacement of oil filters, lubricants, antifreeze and fluids is included provided the replacement is necessitated by the failure of an insured component. External oil leaks are specifically excluded. It is recommended that you check your vehicle’s oil level on a weekly basis.

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Interesting facts about Chevrolet:

  • The Chevrolet Motor Company was founded by automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet in 1911.
  • During WWII, the Polish resistance movement built an improvised armoured car, named the Kubuś, the design of which was based on a Chevrolet 157 truck.
  • Chevrolet developed the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the first mass market all electric car.

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