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Nissan Warranty


Japanese manufacturer Nissan are considered key players in the electric vehicle revolution, with their impressive all-electric Nissan Leaf being the world’s best-selling highway-capable plug-in electric car.

In addition to economically friendly vehicles, Nissan are known for their reliability, style and solid build quality.

The Leaf hatchback is their leading vehicle, but other popular models in the range include the class-leading Qashqai SUV, the practical Micra supermini and the muscular 370Z sports car.

If you’re buying used, a Nissan warranty extension from ALA can be useful to protect your investment. Mechanical and electrical issues can occur out of the blue, so you will want to avoid paying a large sum in repairs with our Nissan extended warranty. Nissan warranty cover with ALA can cover the costs associated with vehicle faults, such as parts and labour, a hire car, recovery costs and other extras.

Here are a few facts about one of Japan’s biggest companies:

  • The company was originally called Datson, but this was later changed to Datsun during the Nissan takeover, as the original sounded similar to a Japanese phrase which means “disadvantage” or “loss”.
  • During World War II, Nissan manufactured and produced military trucks and high-performance engines for aeroplanes. They were also responsible for Japan’s first satellite launch.

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