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Porsche Warranty


A brand synonymous with class, Porsche produce many of the world’s most desirable automobiles. This includes the beautiful Boxster, the lightning-quick 911 and the stylish Macan SUV.

The prestigious German marque specialises in high-performance sports vehicles, saloons and SUVs. Their models frequently appear in motorists’ dream car lists, but can be found for affordable prices when you buy second-hand.

If you purchase a used model, you might want to consider a Porsche extended warranty from ALA. The original Porsche warranty lasts approximately three years, so an ALA Porsche warranty extension can protect you against the associated costs with repairs and electrical or mechanical issues. Although built to last, a Porsche can still suffer problems which can be costly to repair. A Porsche used car warranty from ALA could also include cover for the costs of engine parts and labour, along with wear and tear, recovery costs, car hire and more.

Porsche owner? Here’s a few facts that you might find interesting:

  • The iconic 911 was originally called the 901, but Peugeot successfully challenged the naming as they reserve rights to name cars with three digits with a zero in the middle.
  • Porsche did not use their famous logo until 1952 after entering the US market. They previously stamped the name of the company on the hood of their cars.
  • One of their first assignments was from the German government to develop a car for the people - this would become the legendary Volkswagen Beetle.

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