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Renault Zoe Warranty by RAC


Keep your electric supermini in sparkling shape for longer with an extended Renault Zoe warranty by RAC and cover yourself against the unexpected and unpredictable.

One of the best-selling electric cars in the French market, the Renault Zoe is also popular with British drivers – more than holding its own in the sales charts against its main rivals. Relaxing to drive and efficient to run, the Zoe has strong city car appeal.

For all its plus points and advanced tech, however, no vehicle is immune from the unexpected breakdowns that can cost a sizeable amount to repair – especially as they get older. To protect yourself in the future, an extended Renault Zoe warranty could prove to be a wise investment.

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What does a Renault Zoe warranty cover?

No matter if you buy your vehicle new or used, Renault Zoe extended warranty cover provides the protection you crave and the confidence you deserve. It applies to major components such as drive systems and engines as standard, although our RAC cover can also extend to features such as diagnostic and infotainment system failure if you want more protection for newer cars:

PLEASE NOTE: Those components covered are insured against Mechanical Breakdown only. The replacement of oil filters, lubricants, antifreeze and fluids is included provided the replacement is necessitated by the failure of an insured component. External oil leaks are specifically excluded. It is recommended that you check your vehicle’s oil level on a weekly basis.

For full terms and conditions view the policy documents here:


Renault Zoe: Interesting facts

  • The Zoe was among the top three finalists in the 2013 World Green Car of the Year.
  • Renault has a long track record in motorsport, winning Formula 1 and Le Mans titles.
  • The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is now one of the world’s biggest car makers.

How can I buy an extended Renault Zoe warranty?

For a free quote to see how much an extended Renault Zoe warranty costs, use our online form today. All you’ll need to get started is your registration number.

If you don’t have your registration number or still have a question you’d like to ask, phone our team of friendly experts on 01653 916637 or email info@ala.co.uk.

After all, we want to help protect your investment and keep you on the road.