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Skoda Karoq Warranty by RAC


For peace of mind when out on the road, choose a Skoda Karoq warranty from RAC.

A neat replacement for the Yeti, the Karoq is Skoda’s stylish compact crossover that offers a smooth drive and comfortable styling, making it an ideal family car. Designed with practicality in mind, everything from its roomy cabin to its spacious boot delivers an all-rounder that is built to last.

However, faults can happen on any car, and if you’ve just bought a used model or the warranty has run out, now is a good time to get added protection. A Skoda Karoq extended warranty can cover you from potential issues and prevent you from forking out for expensive repairs.

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What does a Skoda Karoq warranty cover?

We offer three different levels of cover – Standard, Premium and Premium Plus. Rest assured that each option covers you for major components as standard. To find out which is the best fit for you, read through what the different levels include below.

PLEASE NOTE: Those components covered are insured against Mechanical Breakdown only. The replacement of oil filters, lubricants, antifreeze and fluids is included provided the replacement is necessitated by the failure of an insured component. External oil leaks are specifically excluded. It is recommended that you check your vehicle’s oil level on a weekly basis.

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Skoda Karoq: Interesting facts

  • Like the Kodiaq, the name Karoq comes from the language of the Alutiiq – a tribe native to Kodiak island in Alaska.
  • As a fun project, Skoda questioned 1,000 under-11s about their dream car and, based on their responses, created the ‘Kid Karoq’, a cardboard version of the compact crossover.
  • The Karoq was named best family SUV for £18,000 to £30,000 at the 2019 What Car? Car of the Year Awards.

How can I buy a Skoda Karoq warranty?

For more details about the Skoda Karoq extended warranty by RAC, get a free quote using our online form and ask us any questions you have by calling 01653 916637 or sending us an email at info@ala.co.uk.