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Smart Warranty


Urban motorists often desire compact, practical and stylish cars that are ideal for navigating city streets. Smart cars tick all the boxes and the German brand has established itself as a pioneer in the fiercely competitive micro and subcompact markets.

Their famous ForTwo is the smallest option and great for individuals or couples, whilst the ForFour is slightly larger and can be more suited to families. Both are distinctive automobiles that are cheap to run, fun to drive and surprisingly comfortable for such small cars.

The standard manufacturer warranty will usually only last for the first three years. After this expires, you would be left to pay for the repair costs yourself. A Smart warranty extension from ALA can cover the potential cost of parts, labour, car hire, wear and tear, MOT failure and more.

Here are a few fun facts for Smart owners:

  • The Smart ForTwo is short enough to park perpendicular to the pavement or fit two ForTwos in one standard space.
  • Mercedes-Benz is the partner company of the German marque.
  • The first Smart car was unveiled in October 1998 by Daimler-Benz, but design concept dates back to the early 80s and was the idea of SMH (makers of Swatch watches) CEO Nicolas Hayek.

Protect yourself after the original Smart warranty has expired with a Smart warranty extension from ALA. Find out more at or on 01653 472736

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