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Volvo Warranty


Swedish car maker Volvo pride themselves on their reputation for manufacturing some of the world’s safest automobiles.

In fact, it is their ambition that there will be no serious injuries sustained in their cars by 2020. In addition to their commitment to safety, they are also known for their practicality and build quality. This makes Volvo a popular brand, especially with families.

Their current range includes the upmarket V40 hatchback, the stylish S90 executive saloon and the robust XC90 SUV. Those looking to buy a used model should consider an extended Volvo warranty from ALA. The original Volvo warranty usually expires after three years, so it is important to get additional cover for cars older than this with an ALA Volvo extended warranty, especially when buying second-hand. Without doing so, you could end up paying a huge sum for the cost of parts and labour if the vehicle has an electrical or mechanical fault.

Volvo warranty cover from ALA can provide protection at an affordable price. It may include financial cover for costs that arise from repairs, electrical or mechanical faults including wear and tear, MOT failure and car hire when required.

Learn more about Volvo with these facts:

  • In 2017, Volvo announced that all models launched from 2019 would be fully electric or hybrid-electric.
  • The company name comes from Latin volv meaning “I spin” or “I twist”, but as time passed the main meaning became “I roll”.

Original Volvo warranty expired? Get the protection you need with a Volvo warranty extension from ALA. Find out more at or on 01653 916304

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