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Our Founder & Managing Director

Simon England

Simon has worked in the automotive and insurance industries for 40 years. He, alongside business partner and wife, Debra England, founded ALA Insurance because of personal experience. Like most people, he had personally experienced bad customer service from various companies, especially insurance companies.

Simon believes some businesses see their customers as pound signs not people and they don’t invest in their employees. He wanted to use those experiences to create something which was the opposite of that: to put customers first, treat people fairly and to make it a friendly, positive experience.

Initially Simon worked in car finance and offered GAP insurance to our customers that way – after a change of regulation, the business had to ensure insurance products were offered separately. Alongside this change, Simon also wanted to create a seamless customer platform and database that made it easy the customer support team to manage policies, contact customers and assist customers with their purchase of their policies. Ultimately, ALA Insurance now has a market leading ecommerce business that is customer focused and operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

Simon is most proud of the team around him; “Our customer support team is our biggest asset – their knowledge, expertise and level of service is faultless. We invest in the team as people, we don’t set targets, we don’t use commission as an incentive and we don’t “sell” to our customers. We just provide the details our customers need to make an informed decision and feel confident when buying from us (whether online or over the phone). The team thrive when working for a forward thinking, ethical and friendly company and in return provide the top-notch service that makes ALA stand head and shoulders above the rest. As proven by our customer feedback on Trustpilot.”