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Which specialist bicycle Insurance should you buy? Comparing Yellow Jersey and ALA

7 December 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

|  4 Minutes

Navigating the insurance market can be challenging; coverage options, excess, policy limits, exclusions, and conditions vary. However, without a doubt, if you want to insure your bicycle, you should choose a specialist provider. ALA is considered one of the top bicycle insurance providers with its affordable and flexible plans. Meanwhile, Yellow Jersey has a solid reputation and an enthusiastic, loyal customer base.

This article compares the two bicycle insurance providers to help you decide which specialist provider suits your cycling needs and budget. We’ll discuss the bicycle cover you’ll get from each provider and the costs of a plan approximately matched for coverage. Finally, we help you choose the best provider by exploring each firm’s benefits.

Should you take out specialist cycle insurance?

There are many options when choosing protection for your valuable items. One option is covering your bike on home insurance. However, as we’ve explored previously, even an Admiral contents insurance policy is limited in its bike coverage possibilities, especially if you have an expensive bike. On the other hand, a specialist insurance provider has considered a broader range of the cycling eventualities you might encounter.

To get the most comprehensive cover, choose a specialist provider offering practical bicycle insurance tailored for your cycling activities. Many providers offer fixed plans, which could mean paying more than you need to for coverage you won’t use. Instead, choose a provider with flexible plans to suit your specific cycling requirements. Ultimately, you’ll want nothing less than the best coverage for your bike, but without breaking the bank.

What is covered under ALA Cycle Insurance?

ALA is rated number one on Trustpilot for the best Cycle Insurance provider because they offer a range of flexible coverage, and you won’t find better value for money elsewhere. Every cyclist can feel more at ease knowing they’re covered for bike theft, accidental damage and vandalism as standard. Your bicycle insurance cover is also extended overseas for trips lasting up to 30 days at no extra cost. You can choose from the following flexible coverage options:

  • Bike accessories coverage (up to £300 or £900)
  • Cycle replacement hire (up to £500 or £1,000)
  • Public liability insurance (up to £1m or £2m)
  • Legal expenses (up to £25,000)
  • Personal accident compensation (up to £10,000 or £25,000)

Add or drop coverage options and select your cover limits so you never pay for what you don’t need. You can also choose from three excess options to further tailor your bicycle insurance policy to your budget.

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What is covered under Yellow Jersey Essentials Insurance?

Yellow Jersey offers three levels of cover: Essentials, Performance and Ultimate. Essentials is the most basic level of coverage and includes the following cover:

  • Theft, vandalism and accidental damage cover
  • Up to £2m public liability cover
  • Accessory cover up to £250 (additional coverage for additional premium)
  • DNA+ marking
  • Physio, dental and permanent injury cover
  • Family benefits & multi-bike discount
  • Renewal discount

Yellow Jersey offers some attractive and unique coverage options, such as DNA+ marking, physio and family benefits, which come at a cost. However, the fixed policy doesn’t allow adding or dropping protection according to your cycling needs. For example, commuters relying on their bike to get to and from work would need to choose a Performance plan to get the benefits of cycle hire or taxi fare reimbursement. Moreover, Worldwide cover only starts with the Ultimate package and public liability is limited to listed bicycles with Essential and Performance plans.

How much money could you save with an ALA policy?

Here, we look at the cost of insuring a £1000 bike with ALA and Yellow Jersey; you could save £18.25 by choosing an ALA Insurance policy while benefiting from all we offer. Read our handy guide on reducing your cycling insurance costs even further.




ALA Cycle Insurance



  • Accidental damage, vandalism & theft
  • Accessories (up to £300)
  • £2m public liability
  • Worldwide cover
  • Personal injury compensation

Yellow Jersey Essentials


10% up to £100

  • Accidental damage, vandalism & theft
  • Accessories (up to £250)
  • £2m public liability
  • Physio, dental and permanent injury
  • DNA+ marking
  • Family benefits
  • Renewal discount

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Which cycle insurance should you choose?

As with any bike insurance policy, you must consider your requirements. With ALA, you only pay for what you need. On the other hand, you can get comprehensive coverage for a range of bike types and cycling activities by choosing a more expensive policy from Yellow Jersey. The choice is yours.

Comparing ALA and Yellow Jersey specialist Cycle Insurance. With ALA, you benefit from the best value, flexible coverage, excellent customer service, transit cover, Worldwide cover, top-rated on Trustpilot, Cycle Hire Replacement and high payout rates. Yellow Jersey offers good medical coverage, family benefits, loyalty discounts and DNA marking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the bicycle insurance excess?

With ALA, you can choose between three excess options: £50, £150 and £250—higher voluntary excesses mean a lower bike insurance premium but more to pay when you make a claim. Yellow Jersey requires a 10% excess on all claims but sets a limit of £100.

Do you need public liability insurance for cycling?

Unlike driving, third-party liability insurance is not a legal requirement for cycling. However, if you get into an accident, it can be costly to settle a public liability claim if you don’t have insurance coverage in place. Public liability insurance is affordable and gives you additional peace of mind while cycling. Also, if you choose ALA’s public liability insurance option, we cover all bikes, not just selected ones.

How do you insure a second-hand bike?

You can insure a second-hand bike the same way as a new one if you bought it from a VAT-registered dealer. If it needs to be replaced by us, you’ll receive a like-for-like replacement based on your bike’s current age, make and model.

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