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8 September 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

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17 questions answered | Learn about ALA Cycle Insurance, travel insurance and choosing the  best policy

Not all cyclists are aware of the benefits of cycle insurance. Many are also hearing about it for the first time. Here, we answer your general questions about Cycle Insurance  and help you decide on the right policy for you. Finally, we provide everything you need to know about cycle insurance for when you go abroad.

I’m new to Cycle Insurance

1.  How does Cycle Insurance work?

You pay a monthly or yearly premium based on your bike’s value, your location and your choice of bicycle cover options . If your bike is stolen or damaged , we help cover replacement or repair costs. Optional coverage supports you with unexpected costs, such as replacement accessories, bike hire, legal cover or public liability.

2.  Do you need Cycle Insurance?

You aren’t legally required to have bicycle insurance to cycle in the UK. However, with the rising number of commuters  switching to cycling, insurance helps cover unexpected costs if you get into an accident on your bike . Most Brits believe cyclists should have mandatory insurance or pay road tax.

3.  Is Cycle Insurance worth it?

Cycling insurance is an affordable type of coverage you can tailor to your needs and activities . Standard bicycle theft  and accidental damage cover  can cost as little as £20 per year. An expensive bike is definitely worth insuring, so you avoid paying a significant amount on repairs or replacement costs. Read about Cycle Insurance  on second-hand bikes and whether bicycle insurance cover is worth it for you.

4.  Does home contents insurance cover cycling?

A contents insurance or home insurance policy usually covers up to a specific value which may not cover the entire cost of your bicycle if it’s stolen. Also, home insurance usually won’t cover you if you’re out on your bike and someone steals it or you get into an accident. 90% of bicycle thefts occur in public or semi-private places which home insurance typically won’t  cover.

I’m considering buying Cycle Insurance

5.  How much is Cycle Insurance?

Cycle Insurance is affordable for a wide range of budgets  . You can tailor our buildable policies to your budget and cycling needs; policies start at £20 for a whole year.

Build your own Cycle insurance quote in seconds!

6.  What does Public Liability cover?

We offer Public Liability insurance  as an optional add-on for cyclists. You can choose up to 1 million or 2 million pounds in public liability cover. If you get into an accident involving a third party, you can use public liability insurance to cover the costs of any damages.

7.  Which is the best Cycle Insurance cover?

The best bicycle insurance policy will depend on your cycling activities, needs, and budget. Our customisable plans can suit the budget savvy, the adventurous cyclist or the daily commuter. We are rated number one for Best In Insurance Company and Best In Cycle Insurance Company on Trustpilot.

We include Worldwide cover  as standard, and we have a range of cover options such as Cycle Replacement Hire,  Bike Accessory cover  and Personal Injury insurance . Build a quote to see if ALA coverage options suit your cycling needs.

8.  Am I insured in a cycle race?

ALA covers mountain bikes , BMX , electric bikes , commuter bikes  and road bikes; we even cover you whilst abroad with your bike. Our customers enjoy our flexible plans; however, we can’t cover professional races or lost race fees. If you need race cover, look for specialist bicycle racing insurance.

9.  Does claiming cycle insurance increase the premium?

We don’t offer a no-claims discount so your premium shouldn’t be affected if you make a successful claim  . Your bike cover will continue as usual after you receive your settlement or a new bike. All you have to do is update your new bicycle details. Even when you reach your renewal date, your premium won’t change as a result of making a claim .

10. How do you make a Cycle Insurance claim?

If you need to make a claim, visit the Davies Group. You will need a copy of your VAT receipt or invoice and a crime reference number  (if your bike was maliciously damaged or stolen). Provide proof of purchase for any bicycle accessories and your approved lock by Sold Secure. If you have Cycle Replacement Hire, we need to approve your claim and any hire costs before you pay for your temporary bike. Read about insurance requirements.

11. Can I cancel or refund my Cycle Insurance policy?

The short policy term and affordability mean your policy premium can’t be refunded if you cancel after the cooling-off period  . However, if you pay for your policy monthly, and your circumstances change, you will have nothing more to pay after you cancel.  Moreover, if you get a new bicycle or give your bike to a family member, you can transfer your policy without fees.

I want to learn about Cycle Travel Insurance

12. Do you need specialist Cycle Insurance for Cycling Holidays

Specialist Cycle insurance policies are available for cycle touring holidays , but these can often be expensive and don’t always provide comprehensive travel coverage. Instead, opt for a Cycle Insurance policy that covers you overseas at no additional cost.

13. What’s the difference between travel insurance and cycle insurance?

Travel insurance usually covers you briefly while you’re on holiday and helps cover medical expenses, baggage, or transport. Cycle Insurance covers cycling-related expenses such as damage, theft, accessories or public liability. ALA extends your cycle cover abroad for up to 30  consecutive days at no extra cost. Compare Cycle Insurance and travel insurance here.

14. Does standard Cycle Insurance cover holidays?

Every ALA bicycle insurance policy covers you overseas for up to 30 days at a time. This can be useful for cycle touring or cycling holidays. Read about how to manage your cycle policy abroad .

15. Does standard travel insurance cover cycle touring holidays?

Standard travel insurance usually excludes cycling holidays or touring trips; in this case, you might have to opt for specialist insurance to cover cycling abroad. Standard travel insurance  should be sufficient to cover luggage, medical expenses etc if your Cycle Insurance covers your bike abroad.

I’m considering buying cycle insurance for touring holidays

16. How long can I travel for at a time with ALA worldwide cover?

Worldwide cover means you can travel for up to 30  consecutive days. You  can go on holiday with your bicycle as often as you like during the policy term if you aren’t away from the UK for longer than specified.

17. What should you look for when comparing cycle travel insurance policies?

You should compare the coverage options and limits available. Pay particular attention to coverage to suit your needs. Also compare the cost when matched for coverage. Commuters should compare public liability limits or options for transport replacement cover, while road cyclists should compare personal accident and bike accessory cover. Compare the policy excess options  if managing cash flow is important.

ALA Cycle Insurance policies are fully buildable to suit your needs. With policies starting at £20, theft, damage and worldwide cover included as standard and excess starting at £50, there are many reasons to choose the number one Cycle Insurance company on Trustpilot.

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