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22 September 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

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Changing your policy | Amending personal details or cover options with ALA Cycle Insurance

An inaccurate insurance policy can lead to an invalid or incomplete claim; some insurance errors can void your entire policy. As the policyholder, it is your responsibility to keep your personal information correct and up to date. However, mistakes can easily be made. If you notice an error in your personal or payment information or change your mind about bicycle insurance coverage, make sure it’s corrected or cancelled as soon as possible to avoid any shortcomings and continue protecting your bike.

In this article, we discuss whether it is possible to change your insurance policy and what could happen if your policy details are incorrect. Then we explore what you should do if your details are wrong and how to change your policy information.

Can you make changes to your bike insurance policy?

If you have entered your personal details incorrectly, such as your email address, phone number or residential address, you can change these details online or over the phone by calling us on 01653 916642.

If you have entered your bicycle details incorrectly, such as your frame number, invoice price, excess or any coverage options (e.g., public liability insurance , personal accident cover or bike accessories cover), you will need to cancel your policy and take out a new one with the correct details. Get in touch immediately to end your bicycle cover within the cooling-off period. Any policy details affecting your insurance premium cannot be changed later than 14 days after your policy starts.

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What can happen if your insurance policy details are incorrect?

Mistakes can happen, but they could invalidate your policy or any claims you make. We explore the risks of incorrect policy details.

Invalid claim

If you are affected by bike theft or accidental damage, and your Cycle Insurance policy details are incorrect, your claim could be invalidated. In this case, you would have to cover the costs of your personal accident or bicycle theft.

If you have entered the incorrect policy details, such as bicycle invoice value, postcode or frame number, your claim may not be processed, and your bike cover may be terminated.

Policy termination

We can cancel your cycling policy if we fail to receive your payment. If you enter your payment information incorrectly or you do not update any expired/invalid payment details, your policy may be terminated.

If we suspect that you have intentionally provided incorrect bicycle details, this is considered fraud, and ALA insurance brokers have the right to cancel your policy without a refund. We may also end your insurance cover if you have not taken reasonable care to answer our questions accurately.

What should you do if your policy details are incorrect?

We always suggest you check your policy document as soon as you receive it. That way, if you spot an error, it can be rectified straightaway. Check your details, including your name, address, and policy options. Have you selected the right excess, cover limits and bicycle insurance cover types? Also, ensure you have entered the correct frame number and invoice price for the insured bike.

If you notice an error or your details have changed, contact us over the phone or log in and make the amendments as soon as possible. If you don’t update your information, your cycling coverage may be invalid.

Amending your payment details

If you entered your payment details incorrectly or received a new debit or credit card, you will need to contact us as soon as you know. You can contact us over the phone or email to update your payments. If your payment details are incorrect, your policy will not go through, or your cycle insurance may not renew. If your payment fails, we remind you to update your information 14 days before cancelling your coverage.

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Changing your bike insurance cover

If your policy has not ended yet and you get a new bike of the same value, you can amend your policy to the new bike details. Contact one of our friendly team to arrange this.

If the replacement bike is a different value to the original one, you will need a new policy. If you pay monthly for your policy, you can end your coverage after the date your last payment relates to and take out a new policy. If you want to add multi-bike cover, log into your account and add another policy to your existing ALA account.

We know people change their minds or make mistakes, so we give our customers a 14-day cooling-off period to cancel their bike policy. If you cancel your policy within this window, you will receive a full refund of any paid premium, no questions asked.

If you notice errors in your cycling cover after this cooling-off period , you will not receive any refunded premium when you cancel. For this reason, we highlight the importance of double-checking your policy document to ensure you cancel within this window if you need to make significant changes.

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