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Changing your policy | Amending personal details or cover options with ALA Cycle Insurance

In this article, we discuss whether it is possible to change your insurance policy and what could happen if your policy details are incorrect. Then we explore what you should do if your details are wrong and how to change your policy information.

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How to check your ALA policy details | What are the limits to your Cycle Insurance policy?

In this article, we discuss how you can check your bicycle insurance policy details, your claim limits, where to find this information, and what’s included in your policy schedule. We also explain what to do if you need to change your policy documents and how ALA can help of you have any queries.

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Managing your Cycle Insurance policy with ALA is simple | Oversee your coverage and learn about regulation

In this article, we summarise why it’s important for insurance companies to hold up their side of the deal and why we handle and pay all our claims as quickly as possible.

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How does my Cycle Insurance policy apply when I’m abroad? | Managing your policy on holiday

This article explains when your bike is covered overseas and whether standard travel insurance can cover your bicycle and cycling activities.

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Can you refund your Cycle Insurance policy if you cancel your policy?

This article discusses the reasons to cancel your policy mid-way through the term. We also discuss how to avoid losing your policy premium, should you want to cancel after the cooling-off period.

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How is your Cycle Insurance policy regulated?

In this article, we talk about who regulates bike insurance and how to find a risk-free insurerance.

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