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6 October 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

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How to check your ALA policy details | What are the limits to your Cycle Insurance policy?

You need to read your policy documents carefully before and after getting Cycle Insurance; the sooner you notice any mistakes, the easier they are to resolve. Alternatively, you may want to check your policy limits before making a claim or for peace of mind.

In this article, we discuss how you can check your bicycle insurance policy details, your claim limits, where to find this information, and what’s included in your policy schedule. We also explain what to do if you need to change your policy documents and how ALA can help of you have any queries.

Where to find your ALA policy details

Whether you want to check your policy start and end dates, policy number, claims history or policy limits, you can find all your policy details in your My ALA account. Your insurance policies will be listed on your account dashboard underneath ‘Active policies’.

If your policy is not listed here, you may need to amend your email address. Contact one of our friendly team to update your account or policy email address. Once they match, you should be able to view your active policies.

After selecting ‘Manage policies’ or visiting the ‘Manage’ tab on the left of your My ALA Dashboard, you can view your policy documents or change your details for each insurance policy you have with us. View your policy schedule, IPID, Initial Disclosure and receipt documents from the ‘View documents’ dropdown.

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What are your bicycle insurance policy limits?

Understanding your policy limits is important to make sure the policy is right for you in case you ever need to make a bike insurance claim. Each policyholder’s limits are different and depend on the value of their bicycle (if you have an expensive bike, your limit will be higher) and the additional cover options that have been selected.

Your policy payout limits will be outlined in your schedule, so it’s a good idea to check this as soon as you receive it. Your ‘Maximum Policy Benefit’ listed on your document includes the cost of replacing your bicycle in addition to the upper limit of any optional cycle cover. The optional cover limits are as follows:

Optional bike cover

Lower limit

Upper limit

Cycle Accessory cover



Replacement Cycle Hire



Personal Accident cover



Legal Expenses



Public Liability cover



If you bought your pedal bike second-hand from a cycle retailer, the limit to your policy benefit is based on the current value of the bicycle. We cover second-hand bikes on a like-for-like basis. This also applies where your bike is more than three years old at the time of the claim.

What is included in your Cycle Insurance policy schedule?

In addition to your maximum policy limits, your insurance schedule includes the following information (everything in bold cannot be amended):

  • Your policy number – you will need this to make a claim and when contacting our team about your policy.
  • Your Policy type – Cycle Insurance
  • Your personal details – name, address, contact number and email address.
  • Your maximum benefit – As mentioned
  • Policy dates
    • The date you purchased your policy
    • Your policy start date
    • Your policy end date
  • Your bicycle details
    • Frame number
    • Make & model
    • Bicycle value
  • The total cost of your annual policy premium – including and excluding Insurance Premium Tax
  • Insurance Broker, Underwriter and Administrator details

If you notice any of the details in your policy schedule are incorrect, please get in touch with our team to change your details or amend these yourself on your My ALA account. Please note that not all details can be amended online. Contact us over the phone if you need to change your payment due to an expired or replacement debit or credit card or if your bicycle details change.

How can ALA help?

If you notice an error in your bicycle insurance policy details the first thing to do is to log onto your My ALA account and update your information and check your policyetails and limits. If there changes to be made, most of these can be done by selecting ‘Manage policies’ on your main dashboard and then ‘Make a change’ under the correct bicycle insurance cover. Not all changes can be done online so call our friendly team if you need assistance. The sooner you contact us, the easier it will be to resolve your query.

Get a quote here

Get a quote here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a bicycle insurance claim

If your bike has been maliciously damaged or stolen, you will need to report the incident to the police and obtain a crime reference number (not necessary for accidental damage). When making a claim, provide this, your policy number, and proof of purchase. To start a claim, visit our claims handler’s website.

What does my bike insurance cover?

ALA specialist Cycle Insurance covers bike theft and malicious or accidental damage as standard. Optional cover options include Cycle Accessories cover, Cycle Replacement Hire, Legal Expenses, Public Liability and Personal Accident cover. As standard, your bicycle cover extends overseas for up to 30 days with Worldwide Cover at no extra cost.

Can you claim for a stolen bike?

Yes, you can claim for a stolen bicycle if it was stored in line with our security requirements, such as locking your bike to a secure object with an approved lock by Sold Secure or inside a private, locked home or room.

Is bicycle insurance expensive?

Bicycle Insurance is an affordable way to protect your investments. We have policies for as little as £20 per year, and you can even cover your cycling accessories or cycle hire costs. We understand the importance of protecting the cyclist and not just the bicycle.

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