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5 October 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

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How does my Cycle Insurance policy apply when I’m abroad? | Managing your policy on holiday

Travel insurance is an important investment for when you go abroad; it helps cover medical expenses, luggage and transport. However, cyclists may know that travel insurance has limitations for cycling holidays – most travel cover providers don’t cover cycle touring holidays.

On the other hand, specialist bicycle insurance can cover all your cycling activities if you choose the right bicycle cover; it can complement travel insurance for cycle touring.

This article explains when your bike is covered overseas and whether standard travel insurance can cover your bicycle and cycling activities. We also discuss how to make a cycling claim when you’re abroad and manage your policy when you’re away from home.

Does bicycle insurance cover me overseas?

Some cycling insurance policies can extend overseas, while others may require you to purchase additional insurance cover. You may even have to seek holiday coverage from a separate insurance provider altogether.

All ALA Cycle Insurance policies include Worldwide Cover as standard. We believe our customers should be able to experience the same bike insurance cover abroad as they get in the UK for no extra cost.

Two road cyclists are wearing biker shorts, cycling vests and helmets; they’re cycling along a narrow country road.

What is covered by Worldwide Cover?

As standard, every customer has theft & malicious or accidental damage cover that applies overseas for 30 days. However, if you have additional bike cover options such as bicycle accessory cover, cycle hire replacement, public liability cover, personal accident insurance or legal expenses, then these can also be covered on holiday for up to 30 days.

Learn more about the benefits of Worldwide Cover

Does travel insurance cover my bike?

Many cyclists think that a home insurance policy is enough to cover their bicycle. Home insurance doesn’t cover your bike when you are away from home or on holiday. Similarly, travel insurance doesn’t always cover cycling; you may need to take out a separate specialist policy for using your own bike abroad. When you are out riding, standard travel cover doesn’t include the following:

Choosing a policy with Worldwide Cover allows you to go on a cycling holiday without needing to take out a separate cycling insurance policy for your short stay abroad. The costs of travel insurance and specialist cover can add up, which is why we’ve made worldwide cover standard.

How long do I have to make a bike claim on holiday?

If you get into a bicycle accident or your pedal bike is stolen while abroad, making a claim or managing your policy can be more difficult than when you’re at home .

We understand that, on holiday, the last thing you’ll want to do after a cycling accident or bicycle theft is sit online writing a bicycle insurance claim. Repair the damage and then start your claim once you arrive in the UK – you have 48 hours from your arrival to begin making a claim.

In some cases, you may want to make a claim right away, so that you can continue with your trip. Please note that if you have Cycle Replacement Hire on your policy, you can only hire a replacement bike once we have approved your bicycle claim, including hire costs.

In other cases, you may need more time to make a claim. ALA’s Personal Accident cover offers compensation of up to £25,000 for severe, permanent bodily injuries or death. You have 180 days from when the cycling incident caused this bodily injury to receive bike insurance benefits. This coverage does not equate to health insurance or medical expenses coverage.

A cyclist is holding their bike on a train station platform; they are looking down at a phone or a map.

Managing your Cycle Insurance policy abroad

We make it simple to check your policy details , amend your policy, check the progress of a claim or start a new claim so that even if you’re abroad, you can find the information you need.

Log into your My ALA account to check or amend your details; you can view your policy document straight from your dashboard. If you need to edit your payment details or renew your annual policy while on holiday, phone our friendly team and explain your predicament; we will do our best to resolve the issue swiftly.

If you need to start a claim while abroad and don’t have proof of purchase documents for your bicycle, Sold Secure lock or insured cycling accessories, contact the ALA team, and we will advise you on the best course of action.

Why choose an ALA policy for Cycling abroad?

Our affordable, buildable plans are accessible to every cyclist. Whether you cycle abroad or not, using bike insurance coverage overseas (for 30 days) costs nothing. Bike theft and damage are covered as standard, and you can add as many of the options below:

  • Bike Accessory cover (up to £300 or £900)
  • Cycle Hire Replacement (up to £500 or £1,000)
  • Legal expenses (up to £25,000)
  • Personal Accident cover (up to £10,000 or £25,000)
  • Public liability insurance (up to £1m or £2m)

You can choose from three excess options : £50, £150 or £250. Our policies cover road cycling, BMXing, mountain biking and electric bikes.

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