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Do I Need Extended Warranty? 

21 May 2024

Written by Simon England

|  4 Minutes

Taking out an extended warranty policy for your vehicle can be a great way to protect your car or van should you experience any mechanical or electrical failure past its manufacturer warranty. Parts and labour costs can be expensive, which is why extended warranty is a great choice in the long run should the unexpected happen to your car or van, but is it worth it for all vehicles?

In this guide, we will explain whether or not you need an extended warranty policy based on your personal circumstances, as well as the perfect time to buy extended warranty. We will also explore how long extended warranties last, if they cover wear and tear and whether or not you should keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid.

Do I need extended warranty?

One of the most common questions when purchasing a new product is whether an extended warranty is necessary. The answer depends on various factors, including the type of vehicle, whether or not your factory warranty has run out, the vehicle’s reliability, and your own risk tolerance.

Extended warranties offer peace of mind by providing additional coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. They can be particularly beneficial for vehicles, where expensive repair costs can quickly add up. If you rely heavily on your car and cannot afford unexpected repair bills, an extended warranty might be a wise investment.

At ALA, we provide vehicle warranty for petrol, diesel and EV cars alike, as well as commercial vehicles such as vans. If you drive a new, used or electric vehicle, you can find out more about whether extended warranty is necessary for you in our previous guide.

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When is extended warranty not needed?

While extended warranties can offer valuable protection, there are instances where they may not be necessary. If you have a brand new car, you may find that it already has a manufacturer warranty; extended car warranty cover is only a viable option when this runs out, so it is best to check before purchasing a new warranty policy. If your manufacturer warranty has expired, but you only have the vehicle for a few more months on a finance or lease plan, you might want to reconsider an extended warranty policy.

Some people may not think they need extended warranty cover because their car is a reliable brand, or they have the financial resources to fund parts and labour costs should they experience a fault. However, no vehicle is safe from potential mechanical and electric failures, which can be more expensive than you realise. Extended warranty policies also come with enticing benefits that you may not have considered before, such as roadside assistance.

You can find out more about what is covered in our warranty policies here.

When should I buy an extended warranty?

Deciding when to purchase an extended warranty requires careful consideration. Ideally for used cars, it’s best to buy the warranty at the time of purchase, as this often offers the most comprehensive coverage and avoids potential price increases or eligibility restrictions later on.

For vehicles with a shorter manufacturer’s warranty or those prone to frequent issues, buying an extended warranty early can provide extended protection and peace of mind. However, if you’re unsure about the longevity or reliability of a product, it may be wise to wait and monitor its performance before committing to an extended warranty.

If you’re interested in protecting your vehicle and your finances, you can start building your extended car warranty quote here.

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How long do extended warranties last?

Extended warranties typically have durations beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, ranging from one to several years, depending on the warranty provider. Our extended warranty policies at ALA range from one to three years, so you can choose a coverage option that suits your needs and preferences. Providing that your vehicle still meets the requirements of cover, you can even renew your policy.

When considering an extended warranty, it’s essential to review the duration of coverage to ensure it aligns with your needs and the expected lifespan of the product. Some extended warranties offer the option to renew or extend coverage further, providing continued protection against unexpected repairs.

Does warranty cover failures caused by wear and tear?

The coverage provided by extended warranties can vary significantly depending on the terms and conditions outlined in the warranty agreement. While most extended warranties mechanical and electrical faults, they may not always include failures resulting from normal wear and tear or misuse.

Before purchasing an extended warranty, it’s crucial to carefully review the coverage details, including any exclusions or limitations. Due to the wear and tear that older vehicles can experience, our Silver extended warranty coverage will not apply to any faults caused by the general wear and tear of the vehicle. However, if you wish to protect your vehicle from wear and tear, consider our Gold and Platinum policies.

You can view our warranty policy documents here.

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Is maintenance required to keep warranty valid?

In some cases, extended warranties may require regular maintenance to remain valid. This maintenance could include servicing, inspections, or adherence to specific usage guidelines outlined by the manufacturer. Failure to comply with these requirements could void the warranty, leaving you unprotected in the event of a claim.

Before purchasing an extended warranty from ALA, you must be able to provide evidence that your car has been serviced to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and you must not be aware of a pre-existing fault that could give cause to a claim being required before the policy has started.

You can start building your extended car warranty policy here.

How extended warranty from ALA can help

Here at ALA, we offer comprehensive extended warranty coverage designed to provide peace of mind and protection for your valuable assets. With flexible coverage options and transparent terms, our extended warranties are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our warranties cover a wide range of vehicles, including regular cars, EVs and vans. In addition to our extensive coverage, our customer service team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We strive to provide the highest level of support and assistance to our valued customers, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

To find out more about our extended warranty policies, you can get in touch with us today.