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Champions of smarter choices for a smoother journey.

Champions of smarter choices for a smoother journey.

We recognise that in the current economic climate people’s minds are thinking differently about their finances and what it’s important to spend their money on and if they do choose to buy insurance – they want to make sure it’s a high quality policy that works for them.

In September 2023 we decided to launch our first ALA Money Survey to test the UK’s temperature on how they feel about talking about their money, how they feel about insurance and whether they think their car insurance will cover them, should they need it. The results are still relevant so take a look at the key highlights further down this page.

We aim to make buying insurance as simple as possible with supportive, calm and impartial guidance people need to purchase the cover that is 100% right for them. We hope that with our open and honest conversations we have with our customers, they are encouraged to be confident when talking about their money and to ask questions if they are unsure, or need help.

We have spoken to debt charities, money guidance organisations and partnered with a financial wellbeing coach to give you some useful tools and top tips to give you confidence and information to start or continue making empowered choices around your finances.

Meet Laura

Meet Laura

Laura Ann Moore is a Financial Wellbeing coach and speaker, teaching people about finances in a fun, jargon-free, judgment-free way.

She has been nominated by the British Bank Awards for Online Financial Influencer Of The Year 2022 and 2023 and has featured on popular radio and TV stations including BBC News.

After successfully saving an impressive £40,000 by the age of 27, she is now on a mission to help people feel good about money, get financially confident, and build wealth.  She has a community of over 25,000 followers and hosts her own podcast talking about all things money, mindset and motivation.

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“We want to encourage people to be more open talking about money, their relationship with it and how they can protect it.
Our hope? To ease financial stress, gain peace of mind and encourage people to have a healthy relationship with their money.”

Simon England, Founder & MD of ALA Insurance

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Our Money Survey showed that 20% of people surveyed say poor customer service played a role in them ending an insurance policy.

Part of our company ethos is to provide helpful, friendly customer service with no hard-sell and to treat every customer fairly. Our open and honest conversations about the insurance products we provide means we can support our customers in reaching the best possible outcome for them.

Luckily for us our 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot shows that our customer service transcends competitors and other companies in the insurance industry. And we’ve had over 16,000 reviews from our customers!