ALA Abarth GAP Insurance: Costs, Quotes and Policies


To provide yourself with added peace of mind when out on the roads, invest in an Abarth GAP insurance policy with ALA.

As a rarer sports vehicle, it’s more likely you’ll have a higher payment plan and the standard insurance pay-out you receive will most probably not cover all these costs due to vehicle depreciation. Having Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) cover from us means that if your Abarth is stolen or written off before you’ve finished paying for it on finance, you are protected, as one of our policies will cover the shortfall.

While no one wants to be in this situation, with your Abarth GAP insurance in place, you know your vehicle is protected no matter what might happen. This way you can drive your Abarth to your heart’s content, making the most of what these fantastic cars have to offer.

As the owner of an Abarth, you might be interested in these facts:

  • Abarth was founded in 1949 by Carlo Abarth.
  • In 1971 Abarth was taken over by Fiat, but currently produces vehicles under both names.
  • Throughout their history, Abarth are known for producing vehicles whose designs were influenced by sport racing. They also helped develop vehicles for Porsche.

So, to find out more, or to discover our Abarth GAP insurance costs and pricing, make sure you get in touch with ALA today.

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