ALA Chevrolet GAP Insurance: Costs, Quotes and Pricing


Chevrolet is an American make famed for creating reliable vehicles that are sold across the world.

Their long and proud history initially saw them as a rival to the Model T Ford, but today they manufacture everything from commercial trucks through to luxury automobiles.

Some of the popular and iconic vehicles from their range include the Camaro, as well as hybrid electric models like the Volt, as well as the classic Corvette. Overall though, one of the biggest draws to Chevrolet are their attractive designs and powerful engines; however, this can unfortunately make them a target for vehicle theft. With this, our Chevrolet GAP insurance can be a great way for you to protect your finance purchase of one of these vehicles.

If you are paying for your vehicle on finance, or you have it on contract hire or on a lease basis, if your Chevrolet was to be stolen or written-off then your standard comprehensive insurance pay-out may not cover the full costs of your repayment plan. With a Chevrolet GAP insurance policy from ALA, we can protect you and pay these costs, should the worst happen with your vehicle.

So, don’t take the risk, make sure you invest in our Chevrolet GAP insurance and afford yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

As the owner of a Chevrolet, you might be interested in these facts about the brand:

  • Chevrolet was first founded in 1911.
  • Despite its popularity around the world, it still sells more of its vehicles in America than anywhere else.
  • Chevrolet also have a keen interest in sports racing and their vehicles regularly feature in events across the world.

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