ALA Fiat GAP Insurance: Costs, Quotes and Pricing


Whether it’s a practical Punto or a sporty 500, Fiat is often recognised as a producer of fantastic vehicles.

This stylish Italian manufacturer is particularly popular in Europe, but they also sell their cars all over the world. They are also a pleasure to drive, so the last thing you want is for anything to get in the way of your enjoyment of a new Fiat – which is where an ALA Fiat GAP insurance policy is essential.

If you were to have your Fiat stolen, written off in an accident or due to other damages, while you’re paying for it on a finance plan, through contract or lease hire, your standard comprehensive insurance might not provide you with enough funds to cover your costs. As your pay-out is often the value of the car at the time, this can be lower than you think due to vehicle depreciation.

With a Fiat GAP insurance policy from ALA, you don’t have to worry about this, as we will cover the costs of your repayment, should the worst happen. So, make sure you don’t leave it to chance and that you protect yourself with our Fiat GAP insurance policy.

As the owner of a Fiat you may be interested in these facts about the brand:

  • Fiat is the largest manufacturer of vehicles in Italy.
  • The company produced its first model back in 1899.
  • Fiat have won the prestigious ‘European Car of the Year’ award 12 times.

You can find out more about our cover, such as how much a Fiat GAP insurance policy costs, or what other advantages our insurance can provide, by getting in touch today. Whatever your query, you can reach us on 01653 916304 or email To get a quick quote on our Fiat GAP insurance you can also use our quote finder tool.

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