Infiniti GAP Insurance


For peace of mind when you buy a new car, you should consider investing in our Infiniti GAP insurance.

Of course, we hope that you won’t have to use it but if you do, we’ll try our best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, with minimum fuss.

What is GAP Insurance?

Here’s what you need to know about how your car will be protected with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance.

ALA will make sure that you’re covered if your vehicle is stolen or written off before you have finished paying off the finance on it. The inevitable depreciation of your car means that it’s unlikely that your insurer will pay out as much money as you initially paid for it.

That’s where our Infiniti GAP insurance comes in.

It covers this financial gap and makes sure that you can afford to replace your car and pay off what you owe on the car that’s no longer in use.

Protect Your Investment with ALA

Buying GAP insurance is a cost-effective way to ensure that your new car is fully protected in case the worst happens. When you choose to insure your car with ALA, you don’t have to pay over the odds for the security of knowing that your vehicle is protected from theft or accidents.

Head to our website today to find more information and to get a quote on what Infiniti GAP insurance costs. Need more advice? Call one of our friendly advisors on 01653 916304 or email

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