Kia Gap Insurance


To protect your investment when you buy a new Kia, you should consider investing in our Kia GAP insurance at ALA.

Taking out Kia GAP insurance covers you in the event of your new Kia being stolen or written off before you have finished paying your remaining finance on it. So, if the worst should happen, you’re still able to get a new Kia of the same value despite it having depreciated in price.

At ALA, our aim is to get you back on the road in record time and with minimum fuss with our GAP insurance policy. Kia GAP insurance covers the financial gap between how much you initially paid for your car and how much your insurer is willing to pay for it at the time of the incident, with it naturally having decreased in value.

We hope that the worst won’t happen, but if it does our Kia GAP insurance costs much less than it does to replace your vehicle if it was damaged or stolen. Ultimately it is one of the best ways to protect your investment.

As a Kia owner, you might be interested in these facts about the popular South Korean brand:

  • The company is headquartered in Seoul in South Korea and was founded in 1944.
  • It is minority owned by Hyundai, who have a 33.8% stake in Kia.
  • Kia is South Korea’s oldest manufacturer of automobiles.

Check out our website today to find more information and to get a quote on the exact Kia GAP insurance costs for your make and model. Need more advice? Call one of our friendly advisors on 01653 916304 or email for more information.

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