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In March 2013 Jaguar Land Rover reported its highest ever sales month, with figures increasing by a substantial 20% compared to March 2012.

It has been suggested that this increase is partly due to the UK's worsening weather condition, with snow and icy conditions lasting up to the end of March in 2013. Customers looking for optimum safety and security when facing the elements are turning to sturdier four wheel drive cars. As we all know there is no guarantee when it comes to accidents, or indeed theft.

High value Land Rovers are often sold hand-in-hand with high value Land Rover GAP Insurance by the dealers. When you're buying a luxury car it makes perfect sense to want to ensure it is fully protected in case the worst happens. Increasingly consumers are realising that GAP Insurance need not cost the earth and are turning to trusted independent suppliers for cover at a fraction of the cost.

Protecting your investment couldn't be simpler with Land Rover GAP Insurance from ALA.

As a Land Rover owner you might be interested in these facts about the ever-popular British brand:

  • Land Rover is a British car maker specialising in 4 wheel drive vehicles.
  • Land Rover is the second oldest 4 wheel drive marque in the world, after JEEP.
  • The original Land Rover was originally built as a "farmer's friend", developed by Maurice and Spencer Wilks, when they realised the potential gap in the market for a functional vehicle suitable for use on all terrains.
  • The Rover company originally releases a model simply called the Land Rover in 1948, with the brand developing from that point to encompass a wide range of four wheel drives.
  • By the 1970s demand for Land Rovers had reached such a point that a "black market" had developed with customers willing to pay significantly more than the retail asking price in order to avoid lengthy waiting lists.
  • In 1989 Land Rover launched their Discovery, with its interior famously designed by Conran Design Group run by Jasper Conran.
  • In 1993 the 1 millionth Land Rover was built. Land Rover has since claimed that, 60 years after the first Land Rover was built, two thirds of all models are still on the road!
  • The Land Rover Experience offers driving courses and "adventure days" allowing Land Rover owners the opportunity to learn how to get the most out of their vehicle, in terms of both its on- and off-road capabilities.
  • Land Rover have branched out beyond their usual 4x4 manufacturing by also bringing us bicycles, all terrain prams and, perhaps the most obscure, coffee!

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