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Czech car manufacturer Skoda has reversed the previously negative perceptions associated with their vehicles and now continually dominates in owner satisfaction league tables.

In the 1980s Skoda's vehicles were notorious for their unreliability and substandard mechanics. Following the takeover by Volkswagen in 1991, the marque has seen its status improve significantly with the production of successful and popular vehicles. So much so that the Skoda Fabia was first awarded the "Car of the Year" accolade by What Car? magazine in 2000. To add to this, Skoda was named "Best Car Manufacturer" by both Which? magazine and What Car? in 2010.

As a Skoda owner, you can ensure that you've protected your car by taking out Skoda GAP Insurance from ALA. Whether you've bought your car outright, on finance or if you have a contract hire or lease agreement, we can ensure that your car is fully covered in the event of a write off.

With GAP insurance, Skoda drivers can ensure they’re not left out of pocket if the worst happens. Your insurance company make a settlement for the value of the car at the time of a write off. We then pay the difference back up to the original invoice price of the car or the cost of a new or old replacement, depending upon which policy you buy,– or the outstanding finance if this is the higher amount. Alternatively, where you have a contract hire agreement or a lease, we will cover up to 100% of your outstanding rentals and any residual value difference.

A few quick facts about Skoda:

  • Skoda is a car manufacturer based in the Czech Republic.
  • It was originally established as a bicycle manufacturer, founded in 1895 by Vaclav Klement and Vaclav Laurin. Klement owned a German bicycle which required repairs but, after writing to the manufacturers and receiving the reply "If you would like and answer to your inquiry try writing in a language we can understand," Klement was so disgusted by this response that, despite having no technical knowledge whatsoever, he set up his own bicycle repair shop in 1895. He later went into partnership with Laurin - already established as a bicycle manufacturer.
  • The company later expanded into motorcycles and trucks and was then acquired by Skoda, an arms manufacturer looking to expand, in 1925.
  • As of the year 2000 Skoda became a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen.
  • Before the Volkswagen takeover Skoda's reputation was generally poor. Post-VW better looking cars with improved technical specifications were introduced, along with an ironic (and arguably risky) marketing campaign, which featured the slogan: "It's a Skoda, honest". Perceptions have changed markedly since, with Top Gear Magazine awarding the Skoda Fabia "Luxury Car of the Year" and the Skoda Yeti "Family Car of the Year".

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