GAP Insurance Quotes for Toyota


Toyota GAP Insurance from ALA could help you to protect yourself from a financial shortfall if your Toyota was stolen, involved in an accident or otherwise declared a total loss by your insurance company.

If this were to happen you would only receive the market value of the car at that time, leaving you with significantly less than you originally paid for the car. If you bought the car on finance it may leave you without enough to cover the remaining finance at the time of the write off.

If you have your Toyota on a Contract Hire or Lease Agreement you could have to find up to 100% of the outstanding rentals from when the car was written off, as well as covering any difference in residual value of the car between the insurance company's settlement and the valuation from the finance house.

With Toyota GAP Insurance from ALA you can ensure that you are not left in this position. We have a policy to meet your needs.

Call one of our team and protect your investment today.

Below are some facts about Toyota:

  • Toyota Motor Corporation includes Toyota Lexus and Daihatsu.
  • It overtook General Motors and Volkswagen to become the largest car manufacturer in the world.
  • In July 2012 the company reported that it had produced its 200-millionth vehicle.
  • The brand has been hit by a spate of recalls to its vehicle in the last 4 years, which has had an impact on production and sales: with the latest in 2013 due to unintended inflation of airbags in January and seatbelts in FJ Cruiser models. Whilst the earlier recalls had been worldwide, the two most recent has been limited to the US market.
  • Toyota is one of the largest companies to invest in alternative technologies. They created the world's first commercially mass produced hybrid electrical car, the Prius.
  • Toyota is also developing humanoid robots, aimed to assist in care for the elderly as well as manufacturing and entertainment.
  • The specially prepared Toyota Century Royal, with only four in existence, is the official state car of the Japanese Imperial family and specifically the current Emperor of Japan.

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