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Volkswagen Interesting Facts

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Volkswagen are one of the most stolen car brands in the UK, with the Volkswagen Polo ranking as the 4th most stolen car, according to the DVLA.

It isn’t just luxury cars that attract thieves; trusty, reliable brands such as Volkswagen can still fall victim. By choosing GAP insurance for a Volkswagen car, you can prepare should the worst happen to your vehicle.

Volkswagen GAP Insurance from ALA can be there to bridge the gap between your comprehensive insurer’s market value settlement in the event of a total loss, and either the original amount you paid for the car, the amount the car costs to replace, or any outstanding finance at the time of a write off if this is the higher figure. If the car is on a contract hire or lease agreement, ALA will cover the amount of outstanding rentals on the car at the time of the write off as well as any difference in residual value.

Not only will a Volkswagen GAP Insurance policy from ALA cost significantly less than a dealer-bought policy, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a top-quality policy to protect your vehicle. With ALA, you can also choose optional extra coverage to support your GAP insurance policy, such as Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance and Deposit Protection if you took out a contract hire agreement.

Volkswagen Interesting Facts

  • The history of Volkswagen stems from pre- and post-World War 2 Germany – with the requirement for a “people’s car.” Volkswagen is now the 8th most popular car manufacturer in the UK, according to YouGov.

  • The original Volkswagen, eventually manufactured as the Mark 1 after the war, was based on a design by Ferdinand Porsche and is recognisable as what later became the Volkswagen Beetle.

  • The German marque has made a number of acquisitions over the years including Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

  • It is Europe’s largest vehicle manufacturer with a market share of over 20%. In 2022, it was the second largest automaker in the world, just behind Toyota.

  • The Volkswagen Polo, Passat, and Golf rank in the top 25 best-selling cars of all time, with the latter placing third. The Volkswagen Beetle also makes this list, despite the car being out of production since 2019.

  • Volkswagen consistently rank top of all automobile makers for the amount of money spent on research and development.

  • The Volkswagen Golf and Polo also ranked in the top ten cars in the UK for the most total accidents in 2021, so it is recommended that you consider protecting your investment with Volkswagen GAP insurance.

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There’s a GAP plan suited to your Volkswagen

Back to Invoice Plus

Back to Invoice GAP Insurance is suitable for vehicles owned outright or on finance and for new and used vehicles up to 10 years old, delivered within the last 180 days, or 365 days where the car has been covered for new car replacement in the first 12 months.

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Vehicle Replacement Plus

Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance is suitable for vehicles owned outright or on finance and for new and used vehicles up to 7 years old, with fewer than 80,000 miles, and delivered within the last 90 days.

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Contract Hire Plus

Contract Hire GAP Insurance is suitable for new and used vehicles on contract hire, delivered within the last 365 days. It pays the difference between the comprehensive insurance settlement and the amount of outstanding rentals as well as any shortfall in the vehicle value.

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Agreed Value GAP

Agreed Value GAP Insurance is suitable for used vehicles up to 10 years old, with less than 100,000 miles on the clock. It pays the difference between the comprehensive insurance settlement and the Glass’s Guide retail value at the time of the policy purchase. We would not look at the original purchase price of the vehicle on this policy.

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Our policies are designed to deliver superb value and peace of mind in equal measure.

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