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Volvo has a reputation for being the safest car company in the world, making both driver and passenger safety a top priority ever since the company was founded.

From their sleek V60 twin engine plug-in hybrid to their new XC60 SUV, Volvo cars have a distinct luxurious style that’s appealing to car owners. Plus, their cars are built to last, which is why they’ve developed an incredible range of SUVs and crossovers, saloons, estates and hatchbacks.

Volvo GAP Insurance with ALA

Whether you’re considering a Volvo, or you have recently bought one, you can protect your new car with the GAP insurance Volvo owners can trust – with us at ALA.

Our GAP insurance, which stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection, protects Volvo owners against theft, accidents, floods or fire, which could lead to your car being written off. We cover the financial gap between what you paid for the car and the current market value at the time the car was written off.

With our Volvo GAP insurance, you can be prepared in case the worst happens.

As the most famous Swedish car manufacturer, here are a few facts about Volvo:

  • The company was officially founded in 1927, with their first car, the Jakob, manufactured in the same year.
  • Volvo was the first automaker to address safety issues, with the slogan “We did not invent the car, but we set the safety standards.”
  • In 1957, they introduced the two-point safety belts for drivers and front seat passengers. They deliberately didn’t patent this invention as they wanted to provide safety for all car owners.
  • Volvo were the first company to install front and rear fog lights in 1987.

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