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How much does the British public worry about bad weather and car accidents?

There are various factors that can affect driving ability on UK roads, including bad weather. Ice, strong winds and heavy rainfall can make it harder to see the road and control a vehicle, so some drivers tend to avoid the roads altogether. Winter weather conditions in particular can increase the chances of a car accident occurring, So, how can drivers prepare themselves should they encounter bad weather on the road?

In this guide, we will explore the UK’s biggest worries when driving in bad weather, and what can happen if you are ever involved in an accident due to bad weather. We will also explain the benefits of GAP insurance in these situations, and how our team here at ALA can help.

What are the British public’s biggest worries when driving in bad weather?

Driving in adverse weather conditions can increase the likelihood of accidents occurring on the road. Low visibility due to fog or rain, icy roads and storms can cause drivers to lose control of their cars, compromising the safety of themselves, their passengers and other road users. When driving in these conditions, The Highway Code advises drivers to travel at slower speeds in as high a gear as possible, and to brake and accelerate gently.

According to our recent survey, 82% of people said that bad weather deters them from driving altogether and makes them less confident on the roads; 64% said that snow and ice worry them the most when driving. Therefore, the winter months see more drivers choosing to stay indoors rather than venture outside. Cars tend to be written off more frequently in the winter months such as December, so drivers should ensure that they are fully protected just in case the very worst should happen/happens to their vehicle.

With GAP insurance, you can protect yourself from any financial shortfall should your car be written off. GAP insurance will cover the cost between the original invoice price of your vehicle and how much your car insurance company has offered you. If your car was bought on finance GAP insurance will cover your financial settlement figure if this was higher at the time of the claim. If you leased your car GAP insurance will cover up to 100% of the outstanding rental payments.. To find out more, and to discover which policy is the best for you, you can get started on a quote for your tailor-made policy today.

Does bad weather make driving more dangerous?

In our recent survey, we found that 68% of people believe that bad weather makes driving conditions more dangerous, and therefore deters them from venturing out in their cars when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Although most people worry about snow and ice, 9 out of 10 weather-related accidents on UK roads occur during heavy rain, possibly since rainy conditions are more frequent.

Bad weather does, in fact, make driving more dangerous, which is why you should take your time if it is completely necessary to travel in your vehicle. If you do not think it is safe to travel, you should stay home whenever possible.

Ala Inforgraphic explaining the statistics of bad weather. 82% of people say bad weather deters them from driving. 45% of people said crashing is their biggest worry during bad weather. 68% of people believe bad weather makes driving more dangerous

What happens if I am involved in an accident due to bad weather?

If you are involved in an accident due to bad weather, your car insurance provider should cover you no matter whether the accident was mostly your fault or not. If you damage or write off your vehicle or someone else’s due to adverse conditions and decreased visibility, your car insurance will more than likely still pay out. If your car insurance provider will still process your claim, then your GAP insurance provider will too.

Even if a severe weather warning is issued, it is not illegal to drive in bad weather, so your car insurance will still be valid. However, there are instances where your car insurance provider may be reluctant to pay out for damages or write-offs. Insurers have been known to declare a claim as invalid if the windscreen has not been de-iced or demisted properly or the driver has failed to clear snow from their roof. Also, it can be tempting to leave keys in the ignition whilst the windscreen demists. However, if your car is stolen whilst left unattended with the keys in the ignition, your claim may be invalid. You should always check with your insurer regarding any situations that could invalidate your claim.

In the event of a total loss where a claim has been accepted, your car insurance company may not pay out what you originally paid for the vehicle, leaving you out of pocket. This is where GAP insurance coverage comes in handy.

How can GAP insurance help?

If your car is declared a total loss due to an accident caused by bad weather, you are not guaranteed to receive the full value of your car from your motor insurer. There are various types of GAP insurance that can help bridge the gap:

GAP insurance with ALA

With ALA, you can build your quote online to find the very best policy for you and your circumstances. If your car was recently written off due to bad weather, we can top up your car insurer’s settlement to make up for any financial loss. We even offer extra protection, such as excess cover and key care, and if your car insurer pays out, we will too.

If you would like to discuss your policy further, you can get in touch with us here today.