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Which GAP insurance is the best? Comparing total loss coverage by ALA Insurance and Arnold Clark

7 December 2023

Written by Simon England

|  4 Minutes

You’ve just bought a new car and decided that GAP insurance is a good idea to avoid being out of pocket after a total loss. Arnold Clark is one of the UK’s biggest used and new car dealerships, selling Vehicle Shortfall Insurance as an add-on service for customers. They, like all other car dealerships must allow time before finalising a GAP insurance sale and inform customers of independent GAP insurance providers.

ALA is a highly rated GAP Insurance provider that you should be aware of before opting for vehicle coverage by Arnold Clark. ALA offer flexible GAP coverage for almost all car types. This article compares ALA and Arnold Clark for total loss protection. You’ll learn what to look for in a GAP insurance policy, the dealer’s obligations under the FCA’s rules and why you should shop online before buying a dealership’s total loss service.

Can you get GAP insurance on financed cars?

Both ALA and Arnold Clark offer GAP insurance on financed cars. In fact, GAP insurance is particularly useful if you have car finance. Without it, needing to pay the outstanding vehicle finance following a total loss, as well as buying a replacement car can be financially devastating. Arnold Clark offers to cover your remaining loan balance if you bought your current car with them and have taken out a finance agreement with them. On the other hand, ALA offers to protect you, regardless of your finance company.

Did you know you could buy GAP insurance from an independent provider at a lower price?

Cover your vehicle finance with ALA

Which is the best value GAP insurance policy: ALA or Arnold Clark?

Getting a good GAP insurance deal is always a high priority, so we explore whether a more expensive GAP insurance policy from a dealership is worth the money. We compare a standard GAP insurance policy from ALA and Arnold Clark to determine the best value.

Depending on the value of the car you buy, Arnold Clark offers three price brackets for their return to invoice GAP insurance – £8.99, £12.99 or £15.99 per month for a four-year policy term. That’s a cost of almost £800 to cover the most expensive cars. These fixed brackets don’t allow you to get the best deal for your car’s value and manufacturer. Arnold Clark would charge £623.52 (paid by the month) for Shortfall Insurance (with £300 excess contribution) for a £15,000 car (the middle cost bracket).

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For a nearly new Ford, worth £15,000, bought in cash, or on finance within 90 days, ALA’s Back to Invoice Plus policy costs £214.24 for a four-year policy – saving you over £400 compared to Arnold Clark. You benefit from the flexibility of choosing a Vehicle Replacement Plus policy or amending your policy length to suit your circumstances.

ALA offer 1-5-year contracts, depending on the policy type. We also offer Contract Hire Plus for lease cars and optional insurance add-ons including, Keycare, Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance, Car Excess Insurance, Scratch & Dent Insurance and ALA Warranty can provide you with greater peace of mind over your cherished motor. As standard, ALA also offers £250 to contribute towards your insurance excess and covers up to £3,000 of your leasing deposit to help you secure a new car (for Contract Hire policies only). For more detailed information visit our GAP insurance advice centre or GAP insurance information page.

Which is the best GAP insurance policy?

We’re advocates for affordable and valuable insurance that only costs what it needs to, so you can experience the maximum return on investment. For this reason, we don’t recommend using dealership GAP insurance over an independent provider but don’t just take our word for it, we’re rated 4.9 stars on Truspilot with over 16,000 reviews.

Which GAP should you buy?

The benefits of ALA GAP insurance compared to Arnold Clark, including best value, flexible plans, best rated on Trustpilot, GAP insurance options, 99% payout rates and excellent customer service.

What are the benefits of independent GAP insurance providers?

When you compare dealership and independent GAP insurance, the differences are clear. Dealerships can be known to hike their GAP insurance prices without offering evident value to match. The Financial Conduct Authority even had to introduce dealership regulations to prevent them from misleading customers.

Independent providers offer several benefits, the main one being significant savings without compromising on value for money and expertise. ALA’s main priorities are to consider ndependent providers consider the customer’s requirements, ask a fair price for GAP coverage and most importantly, provide excellent customer service.

Why choose ALA Insurance to protect your investment

We’re rated number one on Trustpilot for the best Insurance Company because we offer the most flexible and affordable policies. We consistently provide exceptional customer service, as well as generous inclusions and market-leading (99%) payout rates.

We also offer a range of products to provide more comprehensive vehicle protection. For more benefits, check out our other additional cover or view how these affect your personalised GAP quote in seconds.

Don’t sleep on protecting your precious motor – Purchase the best GAP Insurance

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