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GAP insurance: why should I make a one-time payment?

In this expert guide, we’ll look at why making a one time payment for your GAP insurance might be the best thing for you

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Why should I pay monthly for my GAP insurance?

In this guide, we will explore the benefits and downsides of paying for GAP insurance monthly, and whether monthly payments are the best choice for you.

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GAP insurance: can I add deposit protection to my policy?

In this guide, we will explore the basics of contract hire GAP insurance, as well as how you can recover your deposit should your vehicle be written off or stolen.

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GAP insurance: can I get a refund?

In this guide, we will explain when you can cancel your GAP coverage policy, and when you will be able to get a GAP refund if you are eligible. We will also discuss the various benefits of our GAP insurance policies at ALA.

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Paying for your GAP insurance policy | What to do if you change your mind

This article explores the different payment options available, how to get a refund and what you may be entitled to.

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