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Extended Car Warranty Policies | Cancellations, Refunds, Renewals and Amendments

10 July 2024

Written by Simon England

|  5 Minutes

Extended car warranty policies can vary in coverage depending on your preferences and budget. Some extended car warranty providers will provide one set policy with the option to add extra benefits if you wish. At ALA, you can choose from silver, gold and platinum policies to suit you, your vehicle and your needs. Before purchasing a car warranty policy, there are various factors to be aware of.

In this guide, we will explore how you can cancel and refund your policy if you wish, as well as when you can transfer your policy to a new owner and renewals. We will also discuss how you can amend your warranty policy details, and how our extended car warranty policies at ALA can help.

Cancelling and Refunding an Extended Car Warranty Policy

At ALA, you have the right to cancel your policy at any point. You do not need a reason for cancelling, and you will receive a refund minus any repairs carried out if you cancelled the policy within 30 days. You can cancel after 30 days, but will only receive a pro rata refund. You can cancel any level of car warranty coverage, including silver, gold and platinum.

Before cancelling your extended car warranty, you should consider the impact it could have. Extended car warranty provides financial protection and peace of mind, and can even improve the resale value of your car. You do not need any documentation to cancel your warranty policy with ALA, but be aware that certain warranty providers may ask you to do so.

There are no fees associated with cancelling your ALA warranty policy, but we may cancel your policy for you under certain circumstances. These include giving us false information, failing to act honestly and failing to pay the policy premium. You can find out more in our previous guide here.

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Can I Transfer my Extended Car Warranty Policy?

If you are selling your car before your extended car warranty policy has expired, you can transfer the policy to another driver, so long as they are the named driver of the car. At ALA, we will not charge you if you transfer your policy to a new driver, but the new driver cannot claim on the policy for 28 days after the transfer. Car warranty policies are tailored to drivers, not vehicles, so you cannot transfer your policy onto a new car.

You can contact our team at ALA to transfer your extended car warranty policy, and you will have to provide certain details such as the new driver’s name, address, and contact information. Transferring your policy over will not affect the coverage that the new driver should receive. The new driver will benefit from whatever time is left on the policy, as it will not start over when transferred.

You can find out more in our previous guide here.

How Long are Extended Car Warranty Policies, and Can You Renew?

Extended car warranty policies are a good idea for as long as they are needed, however most car warranty providers have age and mileage thresholds. It is still possible to buy an extended warranty after three years, so long as it remains in the age and mileage scope. You can also renew your current policy if your old one has expired.

The option to renew or extend your car warranty policy is offered by third party providers and car manufacturers alike. When your policy is due to expire, someone from our team at ALA will be in touch to renew your policy. Before extending your warranty, you should consider certain factors to make sure it is the best choice for you. Cost, vehicle reliability and the coverage and terms of the policy are all elements to consider before renewing.

You can find out more about renewing and extending car warranty policies in our previous guide here.

Can I Amend My Extended Car Warranty Policy Details?

Once you choose an extended car warranty policy, not every single detail has to be set in stone. There are certain details you can amend during your policy, including the duration of your warranty, your address and the addition of extra benefits. You can cancel or extend your policy, and you must inform your warranty provider if you change your address.

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Once your policy has started, you cannot amend the pre-existing conditions and coverage terms of your policy, and you cannot change the car, only the driver if you sell the car on the policy. You also cannot modify your vehicle, and you should disclose any modifications before you take out a policy. You should use genuine manufacturer car parts when having your vehicle serviced or repaired too. At ALA, modifications that were not agreed upon before the insurance start date and are out of the UK manufacturer’s specifications, then you will not be covered.

You can find out more about extended car warranty policy amendments in our previous guide here.

In Conclusion

At ALA, our extended car warranty policies can be adapted to suit your needs and budget, with different coverage levels, policy lengths and labour rates to benefit you. We promise no excess charges and no pre-inspection, with cover starting from day one.

To start building your extended car warranty quote, you can visit us here.