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ALA Audi GAP Insurance Quotes

Audi is a German designer, engineer, manufacturer and distributor of cars and has been a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG since 1966.

As with other luxury cars of this ilk, the Audi brand appeals to customers and thieves alike. In 2012 Audi featured 3 times in a list of "Most Stolen Cars".

You may not realise but if your Audi is stolen, involved in an accident or subject to flood or fire damage and is written off by your insurance company, the settlement you receive from them will bear little resemblance to the amount you originally paid for the car.

Even worse, if you bought the car on finance, that settlement may not be sufficcient to cover the amount outstanding, leaving you with finance to pay on a car that no longer exists! Or if your Audi is on a lease or contract hire agreement you may owe up to 100% of any rentals outstanding at the time of the total loss.

Audi GAP Insurance from ALA can be there to bridge any financial shortfall should the worst happen and you find yourself with an Audi which is a total loss. There are policies which can pay the difference between the amount you receive from your comprehensive insurer and either a) the amount you paid, b) the amount it would cost to replace the car new for old, c) the finance outstanding on the car, or d) any outstanding rentals on a contract hire or lease.

Protect your investment with Audi GAP Insurance supplied by ALA.

Interesting facts about Audi:

The founder of the company August Horch originally set up a car manufacturing company bearing his name "Horch". He was subsequently forced out of this company and was no longer allowed to use the name "Horch" as a marque on his cars. Horch decided to ask two of his close business friends what to do. His son, privy to the conversation and studying his Latin at the same time, hesitantly suggested that it might be a good idea to name the company "Audi", the Latin for 'hear' or 'listen'. Horch in German means "Hark" or "Hear".


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