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Is Range Rover GAP insurance worth it?

5 July 2024

Written by Simon England

|  5 Minutes

The world’s favourite 4×4 is the Land Rover. Debuting in Amsterdam in 1948, this reliable utility vehicle has transformed into the nation’s first choice for a luxury SUV. In 2023, the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport witnessed a 60-83% increase in sales, with the UK market contributing significantly.

The Range Rover is an effortlessly stylish vehicle, breaking the stereotypes attached to SUVs and family vehicles. It’s what makes these models timelessly popular. Although attractive, they also appeal to other groups too.

The Range Rover Sport and the Evoque model are the fifth and sixth most stolen cars in the UK. Range Rover car insurance can be expensive for this reason.

GAP insurance protects against the financial shortfall of a stolen or written-off vehicle so you aren’t left to struggle with the finance gap left by your comprehensive motor insurance. Learn about GAP insurance for your Range Rover.

Range Rover Evoque

What are the benefits of Range Rover GAP insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance is another useful way to protect your investment in case the worst happens and your vehicle is written off or stolen. Range Rovers are a popular target for thieves, so you can never be too careful when it comes to car insurance.

What happens if you write off a Range Rover without GAP insurance?

After a total loss, your comprehensive car insurance will pay the market value of the car at the time of the accident. In most cases, this is insufficient for you to buy a like-for-like replacement, let alone a brand-new car. If you write a car off without a GAP insurance policy in place, you incur the financial shortfall resulting from vehicle depreciation and other costs.

Your motor insurance payout doesn’t cover vehicle depreciation, outstanding finance loans and other shortfalls. Many Range Rover car buyers pay for their car on finance, in this case, you risk owing money to your finance provider while being without a vehicle.

What does GAP insurance cover?

Losing a vehicle is already a stressful event, even before considering the financial implications. GAP insurance is a type of coverage which helps you afford a replacement vehicle after a total loss. We’ll top up your motor insurance market value settlement to cover your financial shortfall.

Several types of GAP protection are available for different vehicle types, regardless of how you paid for your car.

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What are the options for your Range Rover

Certain factors affect which GAP insurance policy options are most suitable to you, such as your vehicle’s age and mileage, how you paid for it, where you bought it from and how long you’ve owned it.

GAP insurance policy types

Four types of GAP insurance are available. The most common is Back to Invoice GAP insurance which pays the difference between the market value settlement from your motor insurer and the amount you originally paid for your Range Rover. Alternatively, if your outstanding finance balance is higher than the car’s original value, we’ll cover that.

Vehicle Replacement GAP insurance is similar to Back to Invoice but covers the cost of a like-for-like replacement, even if the replacement cost is more than you originally paid for your car.

If you loan or lease your Range Rover, you can use Contract Hire GAP insurance to protect against a total loss shortfall. This covers any outstanding payments, up to £3000 of your initial deposit and any other claim shortfall.

Finally, if you don’t meet the requirements of the other GAP insurance policies, Agreed Value GAP is available for older cars bought from private sellers.

What’s the maximum coverage limit?

In general, the maximum coverage you can claim on GAP insurance is the amount you paid for the insured vehicle, so if you bought a car for £45,000, your claim limit for most policies is £45,000. The maximum amount you can claim is £50,000. Agreed Value policies cover up to the market value at the time of starting your GAP insurance policy.

Back to Invoice, Contract Hire and Vehicle Replacement GAP insurance covers vehicles worth up to £125,000. Vehicle Replacement and car leasing GAP insurance policies cover vehicles worth less than £125,000. Agreed Value policies cover cars worth up to £75,000 at the time.

All policies come with excess cover of £250 and there are options to add additional excess protection, tyre & alloy wheel insurance or scratch & dent insurance. We also offer extended car warranty for additional peace of mind on the road.

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GAP insurance options by car type

Asset protection insurance is particularly useful for brand-new cars (which depreciate by 20% per year), fast-depreciating models and vehicles bought on finance because these create the biggest financial shortfall after a total loss. However, all cars depreciate over time and many second-hand cars are paid for on finance, so even used cars benefit from GAP insurance. Commercial GAP insurance is invaluable for protecting against unexpected business costs – witing off a commercial vehicle can cause cash flow issues.

How much is Range Rover GAP insurance

Brand new Range Rovers from Land Rover cost from £40,000 to over £100,000. If we use these values in our cost/payment calculator, you’d see the following quotes for 1, 2, 3 and 4-year Back to Invoice policies. For Land Rovers less than 7 years old, and bought with cash within 90 days from VAT-registered car dealers. Quotes include cover up to £50,000.



















Range Rover






How much could you save?

Considering the average policy cost of GAP insurance for any Land Rover is £333.83 and the average payout is £6,806.76; the cost-to-benefit ratio is 20:1 if you were to write off your vehicle.

You could save £6,472.9 after a total loss by purchasing GAP insurance for your Land Rover. This amount will help you pay off any remaining car finance, put down a deposit for your next car or help you buy a replacement car.

Average insurance policy cost

Average payout

Expected savings




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