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Manufacturer GAP insurance

Buying GAP Insurance for your Toyota | What you Need to Know

In this guide, we will explore whether you are eligible for GAP insurance on your Toyota, and the GAP insurance that Toyota provides themselves. We will also look at how the GAP insurance choices at ALA can help you, and why our policies are often the best choice for you and your vehicle.

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Mercedes GAP insurance – avoid a financial shortfall

The Mercedes C Class is the second-most stolen car in the UK; with the number of thefts growing yearly, contrary to the general trend. Owning a Mercedes puts you at a 28% greater risk of theft, so what can you do about it?

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Tesla GAP insurance – cover the total loss shortfall

If your Teslas is stolen or written off, you will get a market value settlement from your motor insurance provider. You’ll have to cover the shortfall if you want to replace the car. Additionally, suppose you paid for your Tesla on finance and you write it off before settling your finance loan. You could end up paying for a car you no longer own.

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Is Honda GAP insurance worth it?

As a devoted Honda driver, you should ensure that you protect your car in case the worst happens. GAP insurance is a good idea for protecting against a financial shortfall after a total loss.

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Is Ford GAP insurance worth it?

Ford Fiestas and Ford Focuses were the first and second-most stolen car models in 2023. Thefts are even more common that the Mercedes C-Class and Range Rover. If you have one of these sought after models, you’ll want to protect your investment if the worst happens.

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Is Nissan GAP insurance worth it?

If your Nissan is written-off or stolen, it could be some time until you’re back on the road in a replacement vehicle. Moreover, you could face a significant financial shortfall after a total loss. GAP insurance helps you afford a replacement vehicle making.

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