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Is Honda GAP insurance worth it?

14 May 2024

Written by Simon England

|  4 Minutes

Honda cars, made in Japan, are very popular in the UK. In 2020, Honda sold 1.5 million new cars. The Honda Civic is popular for several reasons. It saves fuel and has low emissions. Additionally, it is known for its safety features and spacious interior. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced technology.

As a devoted Honda driver, you should ensure that you protect your car in case the worst happens. GAP insurance is a good idea for protecting against a financial shortfall after a total loss.

Being able to afford even a like-for-like replacement after a total loss is sadly a rarity. Only 17% of people who received a full car insurance payout could afford to buy a new car with the same make, age, and mileage as their old one. To replace your Honda after a total loss, get GAP insurance to add to your settlement.

What are the benefits of GAP insurance for Hondas?

Hondas are lifelong cars. Japan manufactures some of the most reliable cars in the world, yet they tend to be less secure. As a result, Japanese car brands are targets for theft. Honda theft is relatively uncommon, but anyone can experience a total loss. It’s important to always be cautious.

GAP insurance helps you afford a new car if your old one is completely damaged or stolen. Vehicle Replacement GAP insurance ensures you can afford a like-for-like replacement after a total loss. GAP coverage helps you get on the road with a brand-new Honda in no time after a total loss.

Honda crv

Does GAP insurance cover Honda finance?

If you write off a financed Honda, not only do you need to find a suitable replacement vehicle within your budget, but you might still have a car loan to pay off. GAP insurance has you covered. Our policies cover your remaining finance, even if you owe more than the car’s original value. However, we do not cover any negative equity from a previous car.

GAP coverage pays for the difference between your car insurance payout and your auto loan. This happens when the difference is more than the car’s invoice price or replacement cost. You can have complete peace of mind over your financial situation after a write-off by choosing GAP insurance.

Whether your Honda is leased or financed, ALA has the policy to cover your total loss shortfall. ALA does not offer specific financial GAP insurance. This cover would only insure your loan balance and negative equity from a previous vehicle.

Can you buy Honda GAP insurance from a third-party?

Historically, you could buy GAP insurance from a Honda dealership and despite the convenience, customers used to pay to 3x more buying GAP insurance from a dealership than choosing a third-party provider. The FCA has since prohibited its sale from car dealers due to inflated prices, so you’re better off choosing a trusted independent provider.

Third-party GAP insurance covers all car makes. You can pick from four policy types based on your preference or vehicle details. Policies last up to 5 years and you can pay a lump sum or a monthly payment for ten months. Additional insurance add-ons are available including, Keycare, Tyre & Alloy Insurance, and Excess Protection.

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How much does Honda GAP insurance cost

Like any car insurance product, the cost of GAP insurance varies depending on vehicle details. Vehicle invoice price, payment type, delivery date and the car’s make, age and mileage all affect your GAP insurance quote. Like Hondas, much loved for reliability and affordability your GAP policy has you covered. Our 99% payout rate and 17,000+ five-star reviews speak for themselves.

Honda GAP insurance quotes

The following lists quotes based on the RRP of Honda models in 2024. Paid in cash, delivered within 30 days, aged less than 1 year and under 80,000 miles, quotes for your car may differ.


Invoice Price

BTI (3-year policy)

VR (3-year policy)

Honda Jazz




Honda Civic




Honda CR-V




Honda Civic Hybrid




Honda Fit




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What’s the average GAP payout for a Honda?

Your GAP insurance payout depends on several factors, the initial value of the vehicle, depreciation, negative equity or whether your claim is covering the cost of lease payments and a deposit. You can expect to receive between £3,000 to £4,000 from ALA to add to your car insurance payout for a Honda car.

Your GAP insurance payout may be higher if the following apply to you:

  • The amount your comprehensive car insurer offers is low

  • The car has lost value faster than expected

  • The amount you owe on finance is considerable

  • The original vehicle value (new) has increased since you purchased yours (VR only)

Your GAP insurance payout may be lower if the following applies to you:

  • Your car is still new when you write it off

  • Your car has not lost much value before you write it off

  • You have no car finance to cover

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the policy requirements and limits for Honda GAP insurance?

Regardless of your car’s manufacturer, the policy requirements are the same. Read about GAP insurance requirements for all four ALA policy types.

How to make a claim on Honda GAP insurance UK?

If the worst happens and you need to make a GAP insurance claim, phone our claims line: 01869 232563 or email, You’ll need to provide the following documentation (if applicable), so make sure you have it to hand:

  • Your vehicle invoice

  • Finance agreement and finance settlement statements

  • A copy of car insurance certificate

  • A statement of the settlement agreement (from your motor insurer)

  • Evidence that your car insurer paid the settlement

You should provide any other evidence relevant to your claim on request.

Which are the most secure Honda Models?

Some Hondas are designed to be safer and more secure against theft and tampering than others.

The Honda Accord is the safest model. The Civic is a reliable and stylish all-rounder, great for travel, commuting, or cruising. But it’s the Honda Ridgeline which uses multi-angle cameras for additional safety and security.

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