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Is Nissan GAP insurance worth it?

8 May 2024

Written by Simon England

|  5 Minutes

Nissan is a popular car brand in the UK but divides opinions. However, over the past few years the manufacturer has seen a rise to fame. The British manufactured Nissan Qashqai was the most popular car in 2022; and Nissan sales were up by two-thirds in 2023. They released an all-electric model the Nissan Leaf, as early as 2022, and a hybrid model – the Nissan Juke in 2022.

The Japan-based manufacturer is known for creating functional, comfortable, reliable and efficient vehicles for daily use. Nissan prioritises spacious interiors, security, efficiency, comfort and advanced tech features to make every day driving a pleasure. But however reliable and secure your vehicle, there’s always a risk that the worst can happen.

If your Nissan is written-off or stolen, it could be some time until you’re back on the road in a replacement vehicle. Moreover, you could face a significant financial shortfall after a total loss. GAP insurance helps you afford a replacement vehicle making.

Nissan GAP insurance a good idea

Although Nissans are known for their functionality and reliability, you can never be too careful. You also might not expect that Nissan vans are the most commonly stolen and the Nissan Leaf (their all-electric vehicle) is also targeted by thieves.

If your Nissan is written off or stolen, your car insurer only pays the market value of the vehicle, not the amount you paid for it or your remaining finance. This means you could be left with a significant shortfall to cover before getting back on the road.

Furthermore, if you haven’t finished paying for your car through finance, you could be left with payments on a car you no longer possess.

Did you know…?

Only 17% can afford a like for like replacement with thier market value settlement after a total loss.

GAP insurance is worth it for topping up your market value settlement so you can easily afford your next vehicle. Avoid the financial strain that comes with a total loss. Get a GAP insurance quote!

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How does Nissan GAP insurance work?

Four types of GAP insurance are available to protect your vehicle. Back to Invoice (also called return to invoice GAP insurance) is the most popular type of policy. BTI GAP covers the difference between your car insurance settlement and the original purchase price of your car, or the outstanding loan balance if this is higher.

Vehicle Replacement GAP insurance is similar to Back to Invoice GAP. It covers the difference between the car insurance settlement and the replacement cost (or outstanding loan balance), even if the price changes and the replacement new car is more expensive than the original. This policy is useful to protect against rising car prices.

Contract Hire GAP insurance is available for leased vehicles so that you’re not left paying for a car you can no longer drive. It covers car insurance settlement shortfalls any outstanding rental payments and up to £3,000 of your leasing deposit so you can move onto your next car without a hitch.

Finally, Agreed Value GAP insurance policies cover vehicle depreciation from the day you purchase a policy. This type of cover is available for older cars and ones bought through private sellers.

Our GAP cover lasts up to five years so you’re insured for the steepest period of vehicle depreciation and the length of a typical car finance agreement. We’ll accept almost any car for GAP insurance so you can start protecting your investment today.

How much could you save?

After a total loss, the comprehensive motor insurer pays a market value settlement, this means you lose money to depreciation. If you’ve paid on finance and you’re still in negative equity (when you owe more than the item’s current value), then you’ll have outstanding payments for a car you no longer possess.

GAP insurance tops up your car insurance settlement so you could save thousands if you write off your vehicle.

If you bought a Nissan Qashqai for £35,000 and write it off after three years, you could lose up to 20% (£7,000) in depreciation. Moreover, you might not be able to afford a replacement if the price has gone up.

Policy/payment type

Back to Invoice

Vehicle Replacement

Contract Hire


After three years, you could lose up to 20% to depreciation, we’ll pay you the shortfall

After three years, you could lose up to 20% to depreciation and it can cost up to 35% more to buy a new-for-old replacement. We’ll pay you the shortfall.



We’ll pay up to your vehicle’s original value or outstanding finance balance. Pay off your loan and keep the remaining cash to pay towards your next car.

We’ll pay up to the replacement cost or the outstanding finance balance. Pay off your loan and keep the remaining cash to pay towards your next car





We’ll settle the total loss with your leasing company and cover outstanding payments. Receive up to £3,000 to pay towards your next car.

How much does Nissan GAP insurance cost?

Nissans are relatively affordable cars so your GAP cover will be too. Explore some example Nissan GAP insurance costs for a Back to Invoice policy. You can pay upfront or split the cost payment over ten months and you’re covered for your entire policy term.







Nissan Qashqai






Nissan Juke






Nissan Towstar (van)






Nissan Rogue






Nissan GTR






Nissan Leaf






The examples use a brand new Nissan with less than 1,500 miles, delivered within 90 days.

Where to buy Nissan GAP insurance

Historically, you could buy dealership GAP insurance but the Financial Conduct Authority prohibited its sale due to unfairly inflated prices. You would have paid up to 3x more with car dealer GAP coverage than a third-party provider.

You could save thousands with a GAP insurance policy costing only a fraction of the price. Independent GAP insurance providers like ALA Insurance offer the most affordable prices. If the unexpected happens and your vehicle is written off or stolen, we’ll top up your comprehensive car insurance settlement – our payout rates are 99%.

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